Why Niraa?

We aspire to bring forth, our creative head’s signature at core as we explore our collections. We, at Niraa, believe that no system is absolutely sustainable. Therefore, we aim to be most conscious across all brand practices. By infusing traditional handweaving techniques with the most conscious modern technology, we ensure reducing our carbon footprint to a minimum.


We started with cornerstones of consciousness as our foundation, and we are committed to excellence. So, we choose to lay each new brick in our brand along the lines of quality products at a minimal price. Conscious choices, we believe, should become a mass movement. At, Niraa, we embrace our unique position as a conscious brand. Our purpose is to enrich lives as pioneers of slow fashion at affordable pricing to rewrite the narrative. We endeavor to reach there by keeping our margins as low as possible and selling our pieces for the minimum possible price. Our efforts are to make the nuances of conscious choices more accessible and transparent, paving the way toward a better and healthier world.


As a brand, we are purposeful in our decision-making and the environmental cost of clothing choices. Our Azo-free dyes, plant-based sustainable fabrics, environment-friendly handloom organic cotton, or recycled fabric are another step towards our promise of giving back to the world and the environment in the least harmful way possible.


All our designs are meant to cater to a global audience. Our pieces are intended to fall effortlessly on the ever-changing feminine form, making them as versatile as they are everlasting. Our efforts are to revive Indian handloom and give it a sustainable ecosystem to survive on a global scale. We aim to empower weavers and artisans by bringing slow fashion to the forefront at minimal pricing.


We welcome you to be part of our journey and labour of nothing but pure love.


Come, take a plunge into your self-loving reincarnation wearing Niraa!