Brand Ideology

Feminine form and perfection go way long back. The burdens of frivolous expectations that a female body faces are far more trying than anyone else. Ever so changing and ever so flowing feminine body, much like the natural flow of Indian rivers, and plush wilds that expand and narrow its form. The weavers of India pick up the naturally grown fibres watered and nurtured by the rivers, to weave fabrics that fall as effortlessly on the female body as Mother Nature grew it.

Niraa, a Hindi word literally translates purity, transcends the beauty and imperfection that nature celebrates. Created with an intention of shunning away the notions of having a perfect body and cherishing age-old traditional textile methods, Niraa brings anti-fit silhouettes, that fall beautifully on the bodies of all shapes and sizes without being clingy. Drafted on the softest and imperfectly unique natural fabrics, Niraa’s pieces are here to celebrate the perennial craftsmanship of the weavers. Each piece is unique in its inception, is sustainable, is created with love that’s handcrafted. These, one of a kind pieces can be cherished and worn delightfully even after 10 years.’ The part of nature that they are they will easily meet nature as they came into being.

These garments are a celebration of femininity of all shapes and sizes. They are for all fearless women out there. Women, who are carefree and confident. The ones, who are opinionated and are not afraid of being themselves. The ones, who experiment. The ones who don’t limit themselves to regular a-line dresses or clingy clothes. The women who believe in slow-moving life. The ones who like to take a moment and appreciate slow fashion. Women, who are looking for something contemporary but are not afraid of staying true to Indian handloom. The ones who like it simple, the seekers of fuss-free.